Piramo e Thisbe with LOTNY


based upon the the story of
Pyramus and Thisbe
from Ovid's Metamorphoses
Opera by Johann Adolph Hasse
Libretto by Marco Coltellini

A collaboration with New Vintage Baroque

Directed by Philip Shneidman
Conducted by Elliot Figg

March 22-25, 2018



Piramo: Kristin Gornstein* / Sarah Nelson Craft+

Tisbe: Kelly Curtin* / Summer Hassan+

Padre: Brian Downen* / Glenn Seven Allen+

with Giovanni Da Silva & Hunter Hoffman

*Performances on Thursday March 22nd and Saturday March 24th
+Performances on Friday March 23rd and Sunday March 26th


Elliot Figg, Conductor
Philip Shneidman, Director
Neil Patel & Cate McCrea, Set Designers
Lara De Bruijn, Costume Design
Grant Yeager, Lighting Design
Alex Basco Koch, Projection Design
Robert Airhart, Production Manager
Giles T. Horne, Production Stage Manager
Brad Lemons, Fight Director
Jessica Fleischman, Assitant Stage Manager
John Erickson, Associate Projection Designer

SESSIONS Vol. III: The Baroque


Introducing Sessions, a new series from Amanda + James bringing you performances from rising classical musicians in intimate, informal settings.

Our third installment focuses on music of the Baroque. The vibrant young period orchestra, New Vintage Baroque, Praised by the NY TIMES for their "appealing energy" and "thoughtfully conceived programming," will present a joyous program that will interweave brand new Baroque arrangements by Jonathan Woody of some of our most iconic holiday songs such as "Have Yourself and Merry Little Christmas" and "Let it Snow"  with some of the most beautiful Baroque Christmas chamber music. 

Featuring excerpts from: 
Charpentier's Noel Sur Les Instruments H 534
Nativitatem Domini Canticum H 416
Corelli's Christmas Concerto

Owen McIntosh, tenor
Jonathan Woody, bass & arranger
Lindsay McIntosh, oboe
Jeff Girton, violin
Karen Dekker, violin
Anthony Albrecht, cello
Dylan Sauerwald, harpsichord
Dylan Greene, percussion

Coburn Music: Music in the Meadow with Trails and Vistas

CM TNV2.jpg
CB TNV.jpg



Tickets: $35 Adult, $12 Student/Child
1/2 day art in nature experience with three extended musical performances
TIME:  9:00 am to 1:30 pm
LOCATION: Perazzo Meadows, HWY 89 North from Truckee, CA


This performance feature excerpts from Jean Frey Rebel's Characters of the Dance interwoven with songs from written and performed at the infamous 17th century Vauxhall Gardens in the Perazzo meadow. Joining Coburn Music is local musical historian Richard Blair, and folk singer and songwriter Angele Carroll.


Coburn Music: The Coburn Bacchanalia

CEDAR house banner FB JPEG.jpg
CM BACC@.jpg

Coburn Music invites you to join us for our opening gala, The Coburn Bacchanalia on August 5th, 2017 at the Cedar House Sport Hotel. Truckee's first and very own Baroque chamber music series will launch the week with an evening of three courses of music paired with Stella's Pop-Up culinary excellence. 

$75 Admission: wine, canapés and music.
Limited seating

5pm: Arrival
5-5:45pm: Table music, mingling, canapés and cocktails. 
5:45-6:30pm: The Bacchanalia Concert
6:30-7pm: Table music, mingling, canapés and cocktails

Table Music

Table Music Brunch Series @ National Sawdust 

Table Music at National Sawdust is a one of a kind music series created and curated by Juilliard graduate and historical oboist Lindsay McIntosh, featuring a fresh and innovative young Baroque ensemble, New Vintage Baroque. 

Inspired by Café Zimmerman, the largest and most popular Kaffeehaus in Leipzig and a center for the middle classes during the eighteenth century, National Sawdust and James Beard Award-winning chef Patrick Connolly bring you a Sunday brunch series.  

Join us for a unique and warm dining experience, where you can enjoy live historically informed performance (HIP) music in a non traditional way. Not only does this series create a laid back environment for customers to come in and listen - it also gives a much needed arena for young performers to perform and practice HIP music of the eighteenth century.


New Vintage Baroque

New Vintage Baroque is the resident group for the Table Music Series.

Check out the Spring dates for brunch!

Past Dates:

September 11, 2016 @ 12-3pm

September 25, 2016 @ 12-3pm

October 9th, 2016  @ 11-2pm

November 13th, 2016 @ 11-2pm

December 11, 2016 @ 11-3pm


New Vintage Baroque

with special guest from Broadwood Juntion

Francis Liu, violin
Sarah Stone, violoncello
Patrick Jones, square piano

Broadwood Junction was formed after the chance discovery of an 1810 Broadwood square piano at an estate sale in Virginia. The must-have instrument of the late 18th century, square pianos paved the way for the middle class to make music at home, finding their way into the parlors of Jane Austen, Thomas Jefferson, Marie Antoinette, and Johann Christian Bach.

Broadwood Junction is dedicated to bringing the unique stories and timbres of our square piano to the public. Made up of alumni from Juilliard's Historical Performance program, the trio is passionate about exploring, experimenting, and performing repertoire from the early Classical to the Romantic era.

Dates include: 

July 31st, 2016 11-2pm

August 14th, 2016 12-3pm

August 28th, 2016 12-3pm

 Check out this new article from Early Music America!!!! 

Check out this new article from Early Music America!!!! 

 A note from the curator: Lindsay McIntosh   Finding new and innovative ways to perform and keep HIP alive has been my mission since attending The Juilliard School. The HIP department and faculty at Juilliard were so inspirational to so many of us young and aspiring musicians that I feel inclined to do my part to make early music approachable and sustainable in the 21st century. National Sawdust and Paola Prestini have been invaluable to helping me bridge this gap between the traditional concert space and a venue that allows us to reimagine the world of HIP.
A note from the curator: Lindsay McIntosh 
Finding new and innovative ways to perform and keep HIP alive has been my mission since attending The Juilliard School. The HIP department and faculty at Juilliard were so inspirational to so many of us young and aspiring musicians that I feel inclined to do my part to make early music approachable and sustainable in the 21st century. National Sawdust and Paola Prestini have been invaluable to helping me bridge this gap between the traditional concert space and a venue that allows us to reimagine the world of HIP.

Wolf in Skins

”Wolf-in-Skins” is an evening-length “dance-opera” choreographed and directed by Christopher Williams and composed by Gregory Spears. Kings, foundlings, wolves, hounds, fay milkmaids and other mythical characters fill this dance opera that draws inspiration from a cycle of Welsh romance tales that preserve pre-Celtic and pre-Christian elements. It views marginalized or outmoded cultural relics, celebrating the “otherness” inherent in early Welsh literature, through a contemporary lens.

Driven by choreographed operatic sequences supported by supertitles, the work combines live music, dance, puppetry, and visual design to re-imagine lost mythology as a staged ritual. Singers performing in a quasi-archaic English represent the libretto’s human characters, whereas dancers embody its supernatural characters. A choir of shadow figures singing in Welsh represents the voices of the supernatural characters. The complete work strives to dovetail the traditional live performance genres of opera, dance, theater, and puppetry into a visual, sonorous, and spatial "polyphony" that forges new territory as its own performance hybrid carrying forward the tradition of Wagnerian “Gesamtkunstwerk” and Diaghilev’s “Ballets Russes.”

Wolf-in-Skins is currently in development in American Opera Projects’ “First Chance” and “Dance Opera Initiative” programs, supported by funding through the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and in partnership with Philadelphia Dance Projects, supported in part by The National Endowment for the Arts, the William Penn Foundation and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

Additional development of Wolf-in-Skins has been supported in part by funds from the 92nd Street Y New Works in Dance Fund, the Greenwall Foundation, and the O’Donnell-Green Music & Dance Foundation and provided through residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, One Arm Red, Dance New Amsterdam, the Joyce SoHo as part of a Rockefeller Dance-Theater Planning Residency, and at Watermill - a laboratory for performance.

Photo by Andrew Jordan

Passionate Pilgrim Deluxe !

New Vintage Baroque players are perfect chameleons, chugging along like a rock band one moment, a jazz band the next, and a Baroque ensemble only fleetingly.
— Allan Kozinn, the Wall Street Journal
PP deluxe

New Vintage Baroque (NVB) and Oracle Hysterical (OH) round out their 2016-17 series at National Sawdust with a very special closing show. New Vintage and Oracle present 6 previously unreleased songs from their album, "Passionate Pilgrim" (VIA Records). The set includes 4 original songs by composer Majel Connery (deemed “thoroughly Schubertian” by Allan Kozinn, Wall Street Journal) that set the course for the album more than a decade later. The June 3rd show also marks the release of the Passionate Pilgrim Deluxe Album on VIA Records. In addition to this special offering, other music on the program ranges from freshly-minted re-orchestrations by Timo Andres of Benjamin Britten’s Folksong Arrangements for baroque band (featuring tenor Owen McIntosh) and Elliot Cole's striking living-room opera, Babinagar, based on a folktale from Afghanistan. 



 New Vintage Baroque presents Apocrypha

What happens when fate separates a work from its creator? What meaning is gained or lost from a piece devoid of a clear history? In chis concert, members of New Vintage Baroque wade into the ambiguous territory of anonymous, misattributed, and spurious works. Accompanying them on this journey will be the composing-singing-bards of Oracle Hysterical, writing companion pieces to the Passionate Pilgrim, an anonymous anthology of 20 poems once attributed to one 'W. Shakespeare." Featuring new works by Brad Balliett, Doug Balliett, Elliot Cole, and Majel Connery. 

Venues: The Whitebox Gallery and The Danner Loft New York, NY
Concert Dates: 8, 9 May 2015

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

Lewis Walpole Library presents New Vintage Baroque “The Grand Tour”

The Grand Tour of the Eighteenth Century is know for its rich array of incredible music making, art, food and saucy social gatherings. New Vintage Baroque takes to the stage with quaint, joyful and luminous works heard on the road while Walpole toured the western world. This concert, presented by the Lewis Walpole Library, will take you on a similar journey of sounds and senses enjoyed by Horace Walpole and Thomas Gray. From luscious arias written for the most famous castrati to delightful Galant trio sonatas, Walpole's personal transcribed collection of manuscripts will transport you back to the 1740 Grand Tour itself.

Venue: First Church of Christ, Congregational, Farmington CT.

Date: 5 November 2016

L'Amant with LOTNY



By Chevalier de Saint-Georges, libretto by Desfontaines after Mme. de Genlis

MAR 12, 2016 - MAR 20, 2016

Conductor: Elliot Figg
Adaptor & Director: Philip Shneidman
Art Director: Sanford Biggers
Lighting Designer: Nick Solyom
Production Stage Manager: Aaron Heflich Shapiro
Asst Stage Manager: Giles Horne

In collaboration with New Vintage Baroque


Valcour: Everett Suttle *, Bernard Holcomb +
Léontine: Jennifer Moore *, Jenna Siladie +
Ophémon: Jesse Malgieri *, Joseph Flaxman +
Jeannette: Marie Masters *, Lily Arbisser +
Colin: , Anthony Webb +,Vincent Festa * 
Dorothée: Aude Cardona

*performances on 3/12, 3/15, 3/17, 3/19
+performances on 3/13, 3/16, 3/18, 3/20

The Grimm's Fairytales


New Vintage Baroque presents The Grimm’s Fairy Tales @ National Sawdust

New Vintage Baroque and Oracle Hysterical join forces to premierea full length song cycle of the Grimm Brothers for Baroque chamber ensemble and vocalists. These Grimm’s stories live in the world of oral folk tales -- which are variously funny, poignant, and macabre.  The appeal of these folk tales connects the 21st century to archetypal dream-memory, where the essential questions of family, adventure, justice, and transformation work out over countless generations.  

Venue: National Sawdust 80 N6th Street, Brooklyn NY.

Date: 21 October 2016

Grim fairy tales: Baroque band plays creepy kids’ stories
— Brooklyn Paper

The Characters and the Catch

Lewis Walpole Library presents New Vintage Baroque “The Characters and the Catch”

Inspired by the “Character Mongers” fall exhibition at the Lewis Walpole Library, New Vintage Baroque presents an evening of Characters and the Catch. The 18th century saw rise to the most historic and prosperous middle class. Master craftsmen, merchants, joiners, tailors, brewers, tutors, clothiers and professionals alike labored hard and played even harder. Leisure time activities became a force unto themselves and music was at the very top.  

The masses flocked to opera houses, theaters, churches, music clubs, and pleasure gardens. Thanks to the printing press, collections of the most popular arias, airs, catches, rounds and glees were at everyones fingertips. To keep up with the demand for entertainment amateur musicians played part books filled with sonatas, duets and trio sonatas. But these weren't your average amateurs, these musicians were almost as exceptional as the music they were playing.

Venue: First Church of Christ, Congregational, Farmington CT.

Date: 23 September 2016

The Vauxhall Gardens!

Vauxhall Gardens

The Lewis Walpole Library Presents "The Vauxhall Gardens! " A Concert by New Vintage Baroque

Saturday, April 23, 2016

7 pm

The First Church of Christ, Congregational

75 Main Street, Farmington, Connecticut

Free and Open to the Public

The Lewis Walpole Library is delighted to introduce the first in a series of free chamber concerts featuring works from the Library's collection of eighteenth-century music, performed by the New York-based ensemble New Vintage Baroque.

The first performance, The Vauxhall Gardens!, will be held at the the First Church of Christ, Congregational, Farmington, on Saturday, April 23, at 7 p.m. New Vintage Baroque will be performing works by G. F. Handel, William Boyce,  Carl Friedrich Abel,  J. C. Bach, and catches performed at Vauxhall Gardens. 

Vauxhall Gardens, the first of the pleasure gardens in Georgian London, was a site of social gathering and artistic display, open from May through September. People from all sectors of the city's fashionable society met to enjoy the evening's theatricals, musical performances, and diverse other entertainments. 

New Vintage Baroque is an adventurous period instrument ensemble dedicated to the creation of a 21st-century repertoire for early instruments. Inviting audiences to examine their relationship with both the past and the present, their shows inventively weave together narration, new commissions, and music of the Baroque.

Yale University Library
The Lewis Walpole Library
154 Main Street
Farmington, CT 06032
Tel: 860-677-2140
Fax: 860-677-6369

The Craftman's Hammer

The Craftsman's’ Hammer

New Vintage Baroque seeks to engage in a musical dialogue around questions of work, community, and identity. How does what we do "for a living" define us and the communities we live in and engage with? The program includes 18th century folk music as defined by Telemann and Corrette, three world premieres commissioned by NVB, and Louis Andriessen's jagged and unrelenting Workers Union.

Concert Dates: 26, 27 September 2015

Venues: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New York NY.


Jonathan Dawe The Hammer and the Hammerer (2015)

Louis Andriessen Workers Union (1975)

Joseph Rubinstein A Clear View (2015)

George Telemann Völker-Ouvertüre TWV 55:B5

Dorian Wallace The Fifth of November (2015)


The Body Untied

New Vintage Baroque ushers in the new year with The Body Untied. This program features a new commission by Simon Frisch, a song cycle exploring the legacy of historic French queen (twice over) Anne of Brittany (1477 - 1514). As the last duchess of an independent Brittany, and a ferocious diplomat and patron of the arts, she surpassed her circumstances to live a life of enormous consequence for Europe. The cycle traces the arc of Anne's coercion into the French crown and legendary forty-day funeral, and ruminates on her embodiment, even centuries later, of the resilient spirit of the Breton. The texts, infused with chilling winds, sea salt, flora, violence, and mourning, are drawn from her court, funeral rites, and contemporary Anglo-Breton poet Claire Trévien. Interspersed are dances and Baroque court music of Couperin and Lully, guided with narration of Anne's life and influence.

The Danner Loft, Soho $ 55

January 14th @ 6pm

Be the first to hear this unique program in a gorgeous and intimate SoHo loft, while sipping on a hot toddy. Limited seating.

Lightbox $30/$10

January 15th @ 7:30pm

Lightbox offers an immersive experience of The Body Untied, with projection installations by artist Rachel Libeskind.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church ($30/20/10)

January 17th @ 5pm

Holy Trinity Lutheran church will be illuminated with projections by artist Rachel Libeskind in this final, afternoon performance of The Body Untied.


Dance Dance Dance!

Dance Dance Dance!

Join us on June 15th for a new experiment in nightlife—Present Perfect: bringing the best of past entertainment to the thrill of the present.

Chamber ensemble New Vintage Baroque, praised by the New York Times as "polished and expressive" will be playing two sets under the auspices and remixing brilliance of DJ OBaH. It's sure to be a night to remember!

Uniting dance music from across the centuries, our premier outing takes place at Sanatorium, the newest club from the genius behind Apotheke. Powered by Amanda + James, Present Perfect is the latest in our offerings bridging artistic disciplines in radical contexts.

Located at 14 Ave C (at Houston) Doors are at 9PM; Live Sets at 10 and 11PM.

Early Bird Tickets $45, are available but limited, click the poster below to grab yours now!

General Tickets $55

Door Sales $65

Dance Dance Dance

Rinaldo with Boston Opera Collaborative 

Handel’s brilliant opera, performed in an action-packed 90 minutes. Following the resounding success of sold out season opener Les Lettres de Werther , Boston Opera Collaborative will present their second opera of the season, Handel’s Rinaldo , in collaboration with New York’s New Vintage Baroque ensemble. Rinaldo , which was performed more than any other opera during Handel’s lifetime, is a story about the conflict of war, love and personal desires vs. the greater glory. Rinaldo will be performed in Italian with English supertitles at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in a hall that is a one third size replica of Symphony Hall. With just 160 seats in this performing space, the audience will enjoy this tale of love, battle and redemption right in the midst of the action.

With this production, BOC continues its commitment to performing shorter works in intimate settings Rinaldo will be presented in just 90 minutes of dramatic and thrilling musical storytelling. Conductor Michael Sakir speaks about BOC’s exciting collaboration with New Vintage Baroque for Rinaldo: “ What drew me to NVB was their focus on theater and drama. They are unique among early music ensembles in that they fuse storytelling with the exciting and sublime music of the Baroque era. What better group to play one of Handel's most thrilling and beautiful operas?” Sakir also commented on the quality and focus of this new production: “ I'm personally very excited about BOC's RINALDO because this will be unlike any production of the opera seen before. BOC Artistic Directors Greg Smucker and PatriciaMaria Weinmann and I have truncated what was already a very exciting Handel opera and made it into an even tighter and more engaging 90minute production. ”

PERFORMANCES: Thursday, March 26, 8:00 p.m. Friday, March 27, 8:00 p.m. Saturday, March 28, 8:00 p.m. Sunday, March 29, 4:00 p.m.

VENUE Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology 41 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

Conductor: Michael Sakir

Directors: Greg Smucker and PatriciaMaria Weinmann

The orchestra, the New York-based New Vintage Baroque, numbers just nine, but on Thursday its graceful, songful playing, was a major element in the production’s success.

— The Boston Globe, March 29, 2015