Bacchus & the Banner

“Bacchus and the Banner”

The Library for the Performing Arts invited New Vintage Baroque the Bruno Walter Auditorium to help us celebrate the 200th birthday of our rare first-edition copy of the Star Spangled Banner. Here we provided a free outreach concert that informed and entertained audience members about the origins of the Star Spangled Banner and it’s connection with drinking songs and Bacchus, God of wine.  

Concert Date: 25 October 2014

Venue: The Bruno Walter Theater, New York Performing Arts Library, New York, NY


Anacreon in Heaven (1775/6) Music John Stafford Smith (1750–1836) Words Ralph Tomlinson (1744–1778) 

Henry Purcell (1659–1695)

Wine in a Morning (1684)

“Hail, immortalBacchus!” from Judith (1744)

Thomas Arne (1710–1778)

Arne Trio Sonata No. 2 in G major (1757)
i. Largo 2:08
ii. Con Spirito 3:57
iii. Largo 2:08
iv. Allegro 3:57

André Campra (1660–1744)

“Sous un feüillage épais—Liqueur enchanteresse” from Silène et Bacchus (1714) 

Star-Spangled Banner (first sheet music imprint), 1814

Lyric by Francis Scott Key (1779–1843)

Music by John Stafford Smith (1750–1836)

Arranged by Thomas Carr (d. 1849)