Fated Lovers

Fated Lovers

How is it chat love can bring out the best and worst in us? Apollo, Dido, and even a planter from colonial Virginia all find their place in chis program of old and new music. New Vintage collaborates with Netherlands-based Damask Ensemble to bring you a program of tragedy, seduction, and unrequited love. Featuring the U.S. premiere of Virginiana by composer Gregory Spears alongside works by Purcell, Monteclair, Bohm, and Handel. 

Concert Dates United States: 26, 27, 28 February 2016

Venues: Bruno Walter Library, Times Center Auditorium and St. Luke’s in the Field Church New York, NY.


If Music Be the Food of Love Henry Purcell

I see, she flies me

What a Sad Fate is Mine

Mein Freund ist mein Georg Böhm

La mort de Didon Michel Pignolet de Montéclair 

Apollo e Dafne, HWV 122 George Frideric Handel 

Virginiana Gregory Spears




Lover, lecher, hero, or the ultimate con-man? There is no better way to start off a season of vice than by examining the greatest disciple of sensual pleasure! New Vintage follows the trail of broken hearts (and broken bottles), combining an evening of amorous escapades with music from Casanova's time. Past all of the charm and charisma, who is the man behind the mask? Featuring compositions by Couperin, Clement, Scarlatti, and new commissions by composers Doug Balliett and Elliot Cole.

Concert Date:  10 October 2015

Venue: The Greenwich Music House New York, NY.